Harry Potter Trunk

Disclaimer: Before Harry Potter became a taboo issue in the book community due to JKR’s transphobic comments, I had already separated her from the franchise. She is a horrible, horrible human being who deserves nothing from us, and I strongly encourage my fellow Potterheads to only buy HP merch/movies/books secondhand. harry potter trunk materials trunkContinue reading “Harry Potter Trunk”

Digital Portraits

The object of art is not to produce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity. Alberto Giacometti Commissions: These portraits can be purchased through my contact page! They start at $30 and go up by $10/hour. For more information, message me under the Contact page in the drop-down menu. Materials: iPadPro, iPencil,Continue reading “Digital Portraits”

Madeline and the Seven of Spades

September 26, 2019 I chose to paint Madeline because she was kind of a staple in my childhood. It’s been years since I’ve actually picked up a Madeline book, but Mad About Madeline still sits on my desk. What pushed me to paint her was actually Facebook. Her photo was on my feed with theContinue reading “Madeline and the Seven of Spades”